The Second Coming of Christ — The Resurrection of the Christ Within You — A revelatory commentary on the original teachings of Jesus

Second Coming of Christ
Study Group


Meditation is the ability to take the mind away from every object of distraction and put it upon God alone.

— Paramahansa Yogananda

The San Francisco Meditation Group offers regular Meditation and Inspirational Reading Services that are open to the public.  All are welcome to attend.

Master emphasized that the united devotion and concentration of many yoga devotees can powerfully increase the depth of each individual's meditation.


The Reading Service is based on readings from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.  The services include periods of devotional chanting, silent meditation or reflection, prayer, and practice of the Worldwide Prayer Circle Healing Technique as taught by Yoganandaji, in which devotees pray for others, for those who have requested physical, mental or spiritual healing, and for world peace.  A 45-minute Meditation Service is held one hour prior to the Reading Service.

Newcomers are encouraged to attend this service.


Our group meditations offer devotees a chance to come together in silence to reinforce each other's efforts toward Self-Realization and practice the SRF techniques of concentration and meditation.  Meditation periods are 45 minutes in length.  Each service begins with a prayer, followed by a short period of devotional chanting, which is repeated at the top of each hour.  Entrance and exit to the chapel are permitted only during chanting and reading periods, during which time the door will be open, to preserve the silence essential to meditation. The service concludes with the World Prayer Circle Service.


The Inspirational Service includes readings from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda or one of the Self-Realization monastics, interspersed with periods of chanting and silent meditation, and concluding with the practice of the Worldwide Prayer Circle Service.  A 45-minute meditation service is held one hour prior to the Inspirational Service.


Our Second Coming of Christ Study Group meets every Wednesday, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. In this unprecedented masterwork of inspiration, Paramahansa Yogananda takes the reader on a profoundly enriching journey through the four Gospels. Verse by verse, he illumines the universal path to oneness with God taught by Jesus to his immediate disciples but obscured through centuries of misinterpretation: how to become like Christ, how to resurrect the Eternal Christ within ones self. If you are interested in purchasing The Second Coming of Christ, we have a limited number of copies at our chapel or you may order it online from the SRF Bookstore.


Extended Meditations are held from 2:00 pm–10:00 pm on the first Sunday of each month at our Chapel.  These periods include a short period of devotional chanting at the top of every hour followed by silent Group Meditation.  Please refer to our Calendar for upcoming dates.


These special services are held throughout the year to honor either the birth or Mahasamadhi (final conscious exit from the physical body) of one of the Self-Realization Fellowship line of Gurus.  They are open to all who understand the significance of the guru-disciple relationship and can participate with sincerity and reverence.  Please bring a flower, symbolizing devotion for the Master being honored, and a monetary donation in an envelope, as an expression of gratitude and loyalty to the work of Self-Realization Fellowship. Please refer to our Calendar for dates, and to our Upcoming Events for more information.

Will is a tremendous factor in life.  It is the power by which you can reach the heights of God-Realization.

— Paramahansa

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